BlackSlate 7 clapper board comes with a 7.5-inch E Ink display - Good e-Reader

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Anyone who has seen a movie being shot would be familiar with the clapper board which marks the start of a particular shooting sequence. There isn’t anything too special with such clapper boards either even though it carries some information that could be vital during the editing and other post-production work. Those include the roll and scene number, the date when the particular scene is being shot, and so on. Polyamide Panel

BlackSlate 7 clapper board comes with a 7.5-inch E Ink display - Good e-Reader

Now, here comes the BlackSlate 7 which too is a clapper board but unlike anything we have seen so far. Instead of the typical wooden build or the other hi-tech ones in use, the BlackSlate 7 comes with a 7.5-inch E Ink display that connects to an iPhone via NFC to transmit the usual information, the website NoFilmSchool reported. The fact that the BlackSlate 7 is all done up in black makes it quite similar to the original that we have had so far. Also, a high-impact ABS plastic build and an 8H Gorilla Glass on top of the E Ink display make it quite durable too.

The BlackSlate 7 is also accompanied by an app though at the moment it is only available for iOS. An Android version is in the works and is expected to be ready before the end of this year. You can create custom layouts for use on the slate using the app provided. You can even draw a layout on paper, take a picture of it and transmit on onto the slate using NFC. Apart from these, you can use a marker to write on it directly, which can also be liquid chalk markers if you are looking for that chalkboard feel. Thereafter, you can simply erase it all and re-populate it with fresh info just in time for the next scene.

For power, the BlackSlate 7 comes with an integrated lithium battery which is rated to have a lifespan of seven years. As it is with E Ink displays, the BlackSlate 7 only draws power when the display changes. The slate otherwise does not require an external power supply for its operation.

Coming to its price, the BlackSlate 7 comes for $277 and can be ordered via the company site. However, while it is out of stock at the moment, the company is claiming fresh stocks are going to be available starting end-February. The BlackSlate 7 is the creation of Tribe 7, the company founded by cinematographer Bradford Young, ASC, and motion picture camera and lens technologist Neil Fanthom.

BlackSlate 7 clapper board comes with a 7.5-inch E Ink display - Good e-Reader

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