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Ever wonder about the best way to cut sheet metal, corrugated steel, or deep trapezoidal roofing and siding material? We compare a jigsaw, reciprocating saw, and 6-inch grinder against the 12V cordless Trumpf N 160 Li-ion Nibbler. We realize other methods exist as well (diamond wheels, power cutters, shears, etc), but we wanted to show you at least some of the common ways people cut this material in the field. Steel Roofing Profiles

After you see our results, you may just want to run out and get your own Trumpf nibbler and save a lot of hassle, vibration, noise, and sparks. If you need cordless freedom—a 12V nibbler might be the best tool and the best way to cut sheet metal or similar types of work.

With a wildly creative bent and a fanatical love for baseball, Austin is largely responsible for everything that moves fast and furious through the Pro Tool Reviews Youtube channel. He loves being behind the camera lens and the team at PTR loves how good he makes them look in front of it!

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